How to Deal with Bullies

Be graceful enough to never sink down to the level of your persecutors. – Rejoice Denhere I have an acquiantance, let’s call her Jane, who was raised in a family where everyone has an engineering background. She’s the only girl. Her family lived in a community where girls weren’t treated equally but she defied theContinue reading “How to Deal with Bullies”

Secrets To SUCCESS – Even In This Down Economy

If you want to eat, learn to hunt with hungry people. – Rejoice Denhere Success leaves clues – search for them diligently. Study the good habits of successful people. Adopt and put into practice the ones that resonate with you. Share your knowledge by teaching others to do the same. When you are ready toContinue reading “Secrets To SUCCESS – Even In This Down Economy”

The Best Time To Take Action If You Want To Succeed In Life

Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap. Eccles. 11:4 NIVUK I struggled with a lot of issues for most of my life before I learnt one of the best secrets to success. Like everyone in this world who wants to succeed, I worked hard but there wasContinue reading “The Best Time To Take Action If You Want To Succeed In Life”

Fearless: Strategies To Help You Break Free From Fear

There is a saying that goes, “Time waits for no man.” One day you are a teenager living your best life and before you know it, decades have flown by. Our mature years can, and should be, the most exciting time of our lives. We may have envisioned this as the season when we finallyContinue reading “Fearless: Strategies To Help You Break Free From Fear”