3 Tips On Supporting Those Who Are Hurting

Life is an interesting journey of winding roads, hills and valleys, night and day. The obstacles are many with some more difficult than others. What guarantees success in overcoming is the support systems around you. Sadly, in today’s society, those systems seem to be disappearing fast leaving vulnerable hurting individuals “bleeding on people who didn’tContinue reading “3 Tips On Supporting Those Who Are Hurting”

Genius – How To Figure Out If You Should Really Have An Emergency Fund

Emergency – what thoughts do these words conjure up in your mind? Health and well-being issues Boiler breakdown Car repairs Life crises Whatever it is I am certain just the thought sends shivers down your spine. Infact, you probably don’t even want to think about it. Yet most finance gurus encourage us to have anContinue reading “Genius – How To Figure Out If You Should Really Have An Emergency Fund”

9 Quick Fixes For Short Story Writers Who Run Out Of Ideas

Originally posted on First Edition Design Publishing – a hybrid publisher:
It is Short Story Africa Day on 21 June each year! It is the shortest day in the southern hemisphere. To celebrate, we’re sharing ways to find ideas for your stories. If you are a short story writer and you’re looking for a quick…